(ноктите – изрязани, нали?)

Expressing my feelings

Posted by late на 08.08.2011

At leisure at last, free from care, alone I wander this landscape
where the moon shines through scattered clouds over the river;
there’s a boat, ropes undone, adrift on the sea.
On the qin I play a tune of Xiaoliang Temple;
I chant poems about Yuliang Tower.
Bamboo groves make worthy companions,
and stone slabs will do for friends;
swallows and sparrows are good enough for me;
my heart doesn’t long for silver and gold.
My cup is filled with spring wine;
quietly the window gazes on the moonlit night.
I tread on stepping stones clear in the pure water;
my hairpin, drawn out, glistens in the stream.
I lie in bed with books strewn everywhere,
rising at times, half-drunk, to brush my hair.

Author: Yu Xuanji (approximate dates 844–869)
Translation from Chinese to English: Leonard Ng


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